15 Festive Ways to Use Your Fabric Stash for Christmas Crafts

Christmas is the perfect season to dive into your fabric stash and create some magical, handmade crafts. Whether you're decorating your home, gifting a loved one, or selling at a holiday craft fair, these projects are sure to spread cheer. Let’s embrace the spirit of 'Oh Tannenbaum' and explore these 15 creative Christmas craft ideas:

Oh Tannenbaum

Inspired by the traditional Christmas tree, use various green fabric scraps to create your own forest of Tannenbaum trees. Add sequins or buttons for ornaments.

Pictured Craft

Let the visual inspiration of a pictured craft guide your creativity. Using the colors and patterns from your stash, replicate the image or add your personal touch.

Candy Canes

Use red and white fabric strips to create a candy cane pattern. These can be used as ornaments or even garland!

Fabric Twine Ball

Wrap strips of fabric around a foam ball, alternating colors, to craft a festive twine ball. Add a ribbon on top, and it's ready to hang!

Woven Star

Take strips of contrasting fabrics and weave them into a star shape. Secure with a few stitches at the intersections.

Mod Trees

Craft contemporary Christmas trees using triangular fabric cutouts. Layer different patterns for a modern look.

Woven Hexie

Just like the woven star, but with a hexagonal pattern. These make great coasters or wall hangings.

Felt + Fabric Star

Combine the softness of felt with your favorite fabric patterns to craft a dual-textured star ornament.

Cathedral Window

Inspired by the cathedral window quilt pattern, create ornaments or even a table runner using this intricate design.

No-Sew Christmas Ball

Use fabric glue to wrap fabric scraps around foam balls. Embellish with ribbons and buttons for added flair.

Initial Ornament

Perfect for gifting, create ornaments in the shape of initials using cardboard and fabric. Add a touch of glitter for sparkle.

Easy Wreath

Take a foam wreath form and wrap it in fabric strips. Add bows, pinecones, or other ornaments to customize.

Christmas Birds

Using a simple bird pattern, sew small fabric birds to adorn your Christmas tree. Add bead eyes and a ribbon to hang.

Scrappy Stockings

Use mismatched fabric scraps to sew unique stockings. The more patterns, the merrier!

Little Houses

Craft miniature houses using fabric and cardboard. These can be used as ornaments or as a cute Christmas village display.

Wavy Ball

Inspired by the curves of a bauble, create a wavy pattern on foam balls using fabric strips.

With these ideas in hand, you're all set to transform your fabric stash into a winter wonderland of crafts. Embrace the spirit of the season, and happy crafting!  Don't have a stash don't worry Hummingbird Lanes Fabric has you covered. Check out our Jellyrolls they are perfect for any of these projects. 

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