Dashwood Studio at Hummingbird Lane Fabrics

Dashwood Studio is a design studio from the United Kingdom established in 2013. When the rep for Dashwood first came to the shop we didn’t know what to expect.  Once she pulled out the prints and we got to see the amazing designs and touch the incredibly soft fabrics, we knew we had to have it!

The bright colors and illustrations of the flora and fauna have a whimsy about them, making them fun for all styles of projects.

From sweet woodland animals, to light and airy birds and butterflies (above right), Bethan Janine’s Wild Panel and Aviary fabrics are currently in stock! Starlit Hollow (above top left) by Sian Summerhayes gives us Scandinavian winter vibes and a holiday feel that works all winter long. 

Take a moment to watch our Facebook Live where Lesley used a bit of Starlit Hollow Fox and Rabbit on Blue with an 18” square of toweling to make festive dinner napkins!

Dashwood Studio also shares free projects on their website. They are great starting points for gift ideas the whole year through, not just the holiday season. Shown above from left to right: fabric planters, ruffle pillow, and autumn crown

What have you created with Dashwood Studio fabrics? We invite you to share your projects and plans with us in our Hummingbird Lane Fabric Fanatics Facebook group or tag us on Instagram

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