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Here at Hummingbird Lane we have dubbed August as Women Empowerment month. As a female business owner, a mother, a wife, and a friend, I fully recognize the juggling that women have to do in life and I think we are all amazing! I also recognize that my shop would not be as successful as it if it weren't for the amazing women I have working in the shop.

Over the next couple of week I will be doing spotlights on these amazing women so you too can see just how special they are. They will also be sharing their favorite parts about the shop and their favorite products we offer.

First up is Jen, whom we affectionately call Princess Jen and she is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. Read all about her below!

Born and raised in Rochester MN moved to Mesa AZ 28 years ago. Hated going to the fabric shop as a little girl because it smelled funny.

When I’m not in my studio sewing I’m taking the mini horses around town and making people smile. A lot of shops have super cool things to purchase but I believe that Hummingbird Lane has something more than money can buy.

Number one of my top five is Lesley herself. The heart and soul of a shop is born in the imagination of its owner.

Lesley is so special and I love the fact that she is generous, kind, and always thinking of new ways to make the shop a welcoming experience for her customers.

My second favorite part of the shop are the people Lesley has chosen to woman the ship! I remember my first encounter with Suzan and just thinking how friendly and helpful she was.

We’ve all been in shops where the staff won’t even offer you a smile. Hummingbird Lane is like a sisterhood, they make you feel at home.

My third favorite part of the shop is the classroom. This is the place where serious magic happens! This is where women come together to bless a community and to form bonds like no other.

In August we honor the strength of women and we see this strength bloom and grow in our classroom as we spend precious time together.

Number 4 on my list is the Golden Needle Society. This yearly membership gives you access to great deals, sneak peeks at new items to the shop, and opportunities to preorder fabric before it hits the shop floor. Woohoo!!

Hummingbird Lane was the first shop to ever offer me an annual subscription, I didn’t know that was a thing. Totally worth it every time!

Fifth and final favorite is the ENTIRE corner of the shop dedicated to bag making bliss! Rainbow zippers by the yard, hardware, ribbons, cork and super trendy patterns.

I had never sewn a bag prior to my visits to Hummingbird and now I am currently on my 9th bag and loving it! I would never complain about being sent to that corner!

Bag making supplies:

Thank you to our wonderful sewing sisters that shop online and in person. I may be terrible at remembering names but I know your smiling faces and you must be included in my list of favorite things at Hummingbird Lane.

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