Here at Hummingbird Lane we have dubbed August as Women Empowerment month. As a female business owner, a mother, a wife, and a friend, I fully recognize the juggling that women have to do in life and I think we are all amazing! I also recognize that my shop would not be as successful as it if it weren't for the amazing women I have working in the shop.

Over the next couple of week I will be doing spotlights on these amazing women so you too can see just how special they are. They will also be sharing their favorite parts about the shop and their favorite products we offer.

Our second spotlight is Suzan, a very big aquatic animal lover! Read all about her below.

Hi! I'm Suzan. Three things people should know about me:

My priorities are Faith, Family, and Fabric.

Although I learned to sew from my talented mother as a little girl, four years ago I was coerced by my best friend Marilee to take a quilting class, which resulted in joining the great quilting community. The rest is history!

When I’m not quilting or creating new bags, I enjoy exploring the great outdoors with my family in our off-road vehicle. My other love is scuba diving where I’ve had the good fortune of being able to log over 100 dives and have swam with whale sharks, giant manta ray, a variety of sharks, and other marine life. But my absolute favorite aquatic experience was swimming with the manatees!

Here are a few of my favorite things:

1.Charlie Harper fabric, especially the bark cloth, which is great for making bags! Find his fabric here

2.Ruby Star Fabrics, especially any and all canvas, which are also great for making bags. You can find the fabric here

3.The Gypsy Quilter Zipper Jigg that makes attaching zipper pulls a cinch. Find it here 

4.The creative grid rulers for left handers, (it’s so great to not have to read numbers upside down! If you’re not a lefty you wouldn’t understand our struggle). You can find Creative Grids here and the left handed ruler here

5.Last but not least, the beautiful collections created by Art Gallery fabrics. The feel of this is unlike any other! Find them here

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