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Here at Hummingbird Lane we have dubbed August as Women Empowerment month. As a female business owner, a mother, a wife, and a friend, I fully recognize the juggling that women have to do in life and I think we are all amazing! I also recognize that my shop would not be as successful as it if it weren't for the amazing women I have working in the shop.

Our third spotlight is Terri. She's a very big crafter and quilting is one of her passions. Read more about her below:

I have been quilting since 1994; a little secret... I would stay up late while my kids were sleeping. Or is that what most of us quilters/crafters do?

Quilting is one of my passions, if you know me you'll probably know what #1 and #2 is. I've been married to my best friend, Dane, since 1984.

Here's 5 of my favorite things from the store:

1. It's Sew Emma 12 1/2" unfinished Quilt Block Foundation Paper Pads: (specifically Log Cabin and Pineapple designs) Find Log Cabin here or Pineapple here

Works easily with some precuts or use up some scraps (aren't we all for that!). No photocopying needed of the pattern so you don't need to be concerned that they copied at the correct percentage. Enough sheets in one pack to make a twin-size quilt.

2. It's Sew Emma Triangles On A Roll 2 1/2" finished HST:
Works easily with 1/4 yard fabric cuts. The roll of paper can be trimmed to fit fabric. A super easy way to make HST's (Half Square Triangles). Find it here

3. Sewline Fabric Glue Pen: Colored glue let's you see exactly where you are putting the glue. Glue dries clear. Comes with one refill (more refills are available at HBL). Holds EPP pieces. Water soluble. Doesn't make fabric stiff. Easily packs in my Hand Sewing case. Find the pen here 4. Grippy Spray: You know those rulers that keep slipping as you're cutting your fabric? I know how frustrating that can be! Grippy Spray to the rescue! Easily applied, easily reapplied and is removeable (see instructions on can). I take it with me to classes and retreats! Find it here 5. Sandhill Sling by noodlehead: I have already made one that I use everyday and I have another on my To-Do List. I love HBL's inventory of bag hardware; you're sure to find everything that you need on the supply list. One Stop Shopping! I'll be teaching a class soon on the Sandhill Sling. Make your own, grab the pattern here

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