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Let's take a deeper dive into storing your fabric.  

Fabric is a precious commodity in my book.  You spent a decent chunk of change on it why not store it properly so that it will last? 

The key thing to storage of any type is to make sure you store it in a cool, dry place. Fabric can get hot and sweat.  Fabrics that aren't super great quality can run if they are in a hot tote.  Condensation can develop in totes that are in a warm place, like an attic, and with moisture comes mold. 

Be careful storing fabrics in chests or trunks because some tree oils can seep into the fabric.  Cedar trunks are notorious for doing this. 

There are specialty quilt storage bags out there that are acid free which is great but they can be kind of pricey. 

I personally like to see my fabrics, especially my print ones.  My basics and solids will go in storage bins, but those gorgeous prints are meant to be seen!

Storage for Fabric by the Yard

In my last blog post I showed you that I store my yards on comic book boards and then I put them on a shelf for display.  Here is a bigger picture of my cabinets that I put them in.  

I have two of these cabinets in my sewing room so I can see them regularly. I wanted the class doors so I can keep them closed and keep dust off of it.  I bought these cabinets several years ago from Wayfair.  You may be able to find similar cabinets on Facebook marketplace.  Billy bookcases from Ikea are also another option.  You can store a TON of fabric on those things. 

For my Fat Quarters

My husband made me this display cabinet for my fat quarters.  I love it!  It holds a lot of fat quarters and is a neat way to display them.  I have colored coded it before so that it looked like a pretty rainbow but right now I have it organized by "collection" Each square is a bunch of fat quarters I coordinated to go together for a project. If you can find CD towers on Facebook Marketplace those are also GREAT for Fat Quarter storage!

Smaller Pre-cuts

For charm packs and smaller types of precuts, I use these plastic bins I got from Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $3.  And with all the coupons that store offers I was able to save even more.  
Target is also a great place to get bins like this.  Don't forget to check out their $1 section, they often have cute display and storage ideas there as well. 
How do you store your collection?  What tips do you have for others that are looking for storage ideas?  Let us know in the comments. 
And then be sure to post on Instagram or Facebook a picture of your storage ideas.  Be sure to tag us and use hashtag #HBLStorage so we can see it!


Lesley Visutsiri

Lesley Visutsiri

KC – good point. I don’t worry about light damage in my room because my fabric is not in the sunlight. But it is good for others to know and pay attention to where they are placing fabric so that it isn’t in the sun.

Linda Gonzales

Linda Gonzales

Thank you for the information.

KC Wilson

KC Wilson

You didn’t mention light damage to fabrics. I have mine on a shelf as well, and I would love to see the beautiful prints, but I do have light coming in through windows, so unfortunately, I cover them to keep the sun off.



Love your storage ideas. I am getting ready to move into a different area of our house and setting up a studio. I quilt, but also do paper art and beading. It’s always great to learn from others new ways of storing supplies. Thanks for sharing.

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