The first Foundation Paper Piecing (FPP) quilt I saw was one my friend had made and when she showed me the quilt I thought "there is no way I can make something like that".  Then she turned it around and showed me all the paper pieces on the back and  said "it's really easy! You just sew on to these paper pieces and then rip them out.  The lines are already there for you and you get super crisp lines and points!"

I was still skeptical that I could do it.  My brain struggled wrapping my head around it and since I was still so new to quilting it just seemed scary for some reason. 

Cut to about 10 years later, I had joined the Modern Quilt Guild and signed up to do group charity quilts. It just so happened that we were going to do Foundation Paper Piecing.  Yikes!

It was for charity so I had to just get it done.  Everyone in the group had to make 2 star blocks using FPP so I googled and found two free patterns for FPP stars and went for it. I watched a few YouTube videos as well because this was a technique I knew nothing about.  Here is my first ever FPP block:

Not too shabby eh?! I was quite pleased with myself and impressed with HOW EASY IT WAS!!  Like, what was I so afraid of??? 

My second block wasn't as pretty or perfect in the middle point of the star but that was because I rushed it and didn't take the time to open my seams on the backside. #lessonlearned

February is going to be dedicated to Foundation Paper Piecing to show you that you don't need to be afraid of it.  It's incredibly easy and you are going to love the results so much that you will want to do more of it. 

I shared some tips in my Facebook Live - Friday Favorites so if you didn't see that you can catch the replay here: Facebook Live - Friday Favorites

What I recommend to someone who wants to try it but is a little hesitant is to check out the Foundation Paper Piecing pads from It's Sew Emma.  You can find them in different patterns and designs (Courthouse Steps, Log Cabin, Pineapple, etc.).  They are great stash busters too! It's a quick and easy introduction to FPP.

You can find these pads and more on our website HERE.

Some great creators to follow that are experts at Foundation Paper Piecing are Pride and Joy Quilting, Cranky Kangaroo, and Jenna Luedecke Designs.

YouTube is also a great source for tutorials.  And stay tuned here for more tips and tricks from us!

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