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My motto in life is "Live a Life Full of Color".  Color brings variety and can brighten a dull, dark day. Living a life in color for me means loving and appreciate every aspect of life, being free from judgement, and above all else - be happy.

There is a really great article about how to live a life full of color, you can read it HERE.

I suppose that's why I love quilting and fabric so much.  What better way to live a life full of color than to create things to fill that space.  

April brings about new growth; plants and flowers bloom and I absolutely love it.  Despite living in the desert there is actually a TON of color and blooming everywhere around us. It's my favorite time of year. 

Which is why we are dedicating April to Color. 

Most of the time I chose colors purely on my mood or situation at that point in time or if it looks good then I go with it.  I almost always choose anything that is blue and have to push myself out of that comfort zone to pick other colors.  

Especially when I buy fabric for the shop!  It's so easy for me to pick blue but I have to remember that my customers are not me and will want to see other colors. If you ever feel a color is underrepresented in the shop please tell me! 😆

Colors Have Meaning

My favorite website to go to to look up the meaning of colors is by Jacob Olesen. 

Jacob does a great job of diving in to the meanings of color.  When I read what Blue represents it really hits the nail on the head for me in all aspects of my life. 

So here's my challenge for you!

Go in to your fabric stash or your closet.  What color do you "collect" or associate with the most? 

Then go read the article above about the meaning of colors and let me know in the comments if it was an "aha" moment or if you were surprised. 

I can't wait to read your responses!

Since April is all about color, we are having a month long sale on all Basics, Backgrounds, and Solids.  Save 15% off today and start filling in those color gaps in your collection.  What are you waiting for?  Come on and Live a Life Full of Color!

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