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Wanna race?!

Jelly Roll Race that is!

A Jelly Roll Race quilt is super fun and super quick to make. Gather up some of your friends for a friendly competition and race each other to the finish of a Jelly Roll friendly quilt top. 

All you need for this quilt is 1 jelly roll (or 40 - 2 1/2" x width of fabric strips), a sewing machine, and a pair of scissors.  That's it. 

No iron, no ironing board, no rulers.  Easy Peasy Quilty Squeezy. 

Here's how you can make one yourself.

First step:

Unroll your jelly roll and lay out the pile of strips next to your sewing machine. 


Sewing each strip together end to end.

There are two options for doing this.  You can sew them at a diagonal like the picture on the left suggests, or flat on top of each (right/design sides facing each other) like the picture on the right. 


If you are doing a race with friends I recommend deciding on how the strips will be sewn together as a group to ensure a fair competition.  :)

I used a dark thread in this picture to show you the stitching for sewing diagonally. 

Keep sewing the strips until they are all sewn together in one long 1600 inch strip.  Don't worry.  This will get shorter but wider as we go. 


Once all the strips are sewn together you will need to go through the 1600 inches and snip the end corners off, no need to worry about seam allowance or anything.  And then snip the thread in-between each strip set. 



Bring the two ends of the LONG strip together. Right side, or designs side, facing each other. Start sewing down one side all the way down.  


Before you get to the end, check to see if the strip is twisted up at all and untwist it enough to cut the end so it separates the two pieces. Continue sewing down to the very end. If its not twisted then just make sure to cut the end so that it separates the two pieces. 

The end all twisted up

Untwist and cut the end



Now take the two ends of that double wide strip and lay them on top of each other, right side facing each other. Then sew down the edge all the way down.  If twisted, untwist and cut the end. 


Now your have a QUADRUPLE wide strip!


Fold it so the ends meet.  Sew down the edge.  Cut. Repeat. 



Fold, sew, cut, repeat.


Last time! Fold, sew, cut. 

Tada!! Quick and easy quilt that looks amazing!!

Now all you have to do is add a border and finish it off and voila!  Instant quilt. 

Share your jelly roll race photos with me through Facebook or Instagram (@hummingbirdlanefabrics) or you can email them to me at customerservice@hummingbirdlanefabrics.com


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