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Just because the title is "National SEW a Jelly Roll Day" that doesn't necessarily mean you have to actually SEW something.  The whole point behind the day is learning what to do with a jelly roll. Here I will be showing you a NSAJRD - The No Sew Option.

Let me introduce you to the rag wreath made with a Jelly Roll.

This is a great way to use that Jelly Roll that has been sitting on your shelf for ages without having to worry about sitting in front of your sewing machine for hours. Instead you can sit in front of your TV and binge watch a Netflix series while making this super cute wreath. 

All you need to make this wreath is the following:

  1. a Jelly Roll
  2. a 14" wire wreath frame (you could use a bigger frame but you will need more strips or a second jelly roll)
  3. good fabric shears

Step One:

Unroll the jelly roll and cut the strips straight down the middle, the long way. 

Don't worry about making straight cuts.  This is one project where you can throw your perfectionism out the door! No rulers, no rotary cutter.  Just cut down the middle and don't worry about making it straight.  

Having strips of different widths will actually add fullness and dimension to your wreath. And you can either cut the selvage off or keep it, up to you. I cut it off in this demo because the selvage had big white strips so it took away from the fabric. 


Step Two:

Take the strips and make 6" cuts along the length of the strip.  It should be roughly 5-6 cuts in each strip. In the end you should have a pile of 6" strips from the Jelly Roll.  

Now mix up the pile of strips to encourage random selection of the fabrics when tying them onto the wire frame. 


Step Three:

Take each 6" strip and start to tie it on the wire frame.  Be random!  The more random the better for this wreath. 

To tie, it's just a simple knot.  Nothing fancy, keep it simple. 

Just keeping tying, as randomly as possible, until the entire wreath is full. 


When you have completed your wreath send me pictures!  I love to see what everyone creates.  You can email the pictures to me at customerservice@hummingbirdlanefabrics.com

Or you can post on Instagram and tag me @hummingbirdlanefabrics or #HBLFabrics

You can always add some embellishments to your wreath as well.  Like I did for the De La Luna Halloween themed wreath. 


B. J. Berlo

B. J. Berlo

Couldn’t be easier! Thanks for the details.

Sheryl L Kitamura

Sheryl L Kitamura

Great idea!

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