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After the hustle of Spring activities, with long summer days ahead, we hope you’ll be able to consider joining in on our Rise Up Design Challenge. June 22 is the halfway point - plenty of sewing time remains to sew a quilt or something else and get your entry photos submitted before September 30, 2021!

Remember that this challenge was set up as a way to honor the events of the past year and create something new and beautiful out of it. Using at least one Ruby Star Society face covering panel, contestants are asked to make a quilt, or tote, or coat, or whatever their heart desires! 

The challenge was originally designed around just the Ruby panels but I couldn’t resist adding in this panel from Stacy Iest Hsu! What can you pair with a face covering panel? For the Ruby Star Panel, really anything from any of the Ruby Star Society Collections would work as coordinates. Consider Speckled, Spark, or Add It Up, all of those would work beautifully!⁣⁣ For Stacy’s panel Bella Solids are perfect! 

This open-ended challenge can kickstart your creativity. One way to get more creative is to design your own quilt. It's not as scary as you think, I promise. Why not try to design your own quilt? Grab some graph paper, a pencil, and an eraser and start sketching! If you are super fancy and tech savvy you can use an Electric Quilter program and design your quilt that way. I prefer old school with pencil and paper. There is something a little zen about it for me. 

All the details and deadlines for the challenge are provided on the Rise Up Design Challenge FAQ page! Feel free to share the above image on your Instagram feed, tag us and #RiseUpDesignChallenge #HBLFabrics #RubyStarSociety. That will help us find you to cheer you on, leave a comment and give your photo some love! 

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