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Fabric fans have been making with Moda Fabrics for a long time. Did you know they’ve been in the quilting and fabric industry since 1975? This is a company with a lot of experience and know-how and an open mind as they bring on modern and innovative designers. 

My chosen solids and near-solids are the Bella and Grunge lines. Bella Solids are a premium-grade 100% cotton, and all of the cotton is grown in the United States. Try them by the yard, or pick up a Bound Co Quilt Kit available in Owl, Fox, and Raccoon. The color options of these solids are sure to make your project pop!

They’re called near-solids but the Grunges are so much more than that! This line is the perfect way to add texture, color and interest to any project. Mix them with prints and neutrals, solids and wovens.

Ruby Star Society is a group of five female designers including Melody Miller, Alexia Abegg, Rashida Coleman-Hale, Kimberly Kight, and Sarah Watts. Their modern designs are inspiring and invigorating. Adorn by Rashida Coleman-Hale celebrates the little rituals that make us feel good about ourselves. While their individual collections are stunning, a collaborative collection is so fun! First Light features a gorgeous sunrise gradient with lower volume options mixed with more intense pops of color, all punctuated by several rich black prints.

Stacy Iest Hsu designs fabrics for children and makes great project panels. Through color and illustration, it is easy to create something sophisticated yet novel, easy to style for any room in your home. Her new Jungle Paradise is in stock and ready for you!

Moda is the sponsor of the National Sew a Jelly Roll Day, or NSAJRD for short, happening on Saturday September 18th, 2021. Do you have a Jelly Roll in your stash that you’re just waiting for a special reason, or the right time to use it? They are hard to pass by, a tempting package of many pieces of fabric already cut for you. NSAJRD is just that, a day to sew with a jelly roll and honor it in all it's 2.5" strip goodness! Click here for the steps for our super easy, near-instant Jelly Roll Race quilt! You can celebrate NSAJRD without a sewing machine too; click here for our no-sew option! Consider this an open invitation to join us on Zoom for a Jelly Roll Race - click for details!

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