Thread collections can sometimes be just as extensive and impressive as a fabric collection.  Finding ways to store it can be challenging. In this blog we will be exploring options for thread storage. There are so many fun ways to store thread!

I try really hard to keep my sewing room as clutter free as possible and thread doesn't excite me as much as fabric so I don't put my thread on display.  I keep it in these hardware boxes from Harbor Freight:


They are compartmentalized and I can take the separators out if I want to change it up or need more space.  I keep my thread sorted by color and I have about 4 or 5 of these boxes for my thread spools. They are long but short and skinny so I can very easily store them in a closet or cabinet and stack them. 

My bobbins I keep close by on one of these:

These Stack N Store Bobbing Holders are simply the best! It can hold up to 30 bobbins and the clamps keep the bobbins from unraveling.  The best part is each layer can be removed so if you are headed to a sewing class or retreat you don't have to bring the whole tower, just the bobbins you need.  

Pinterest is chock full of ideas for Thread storage and I saved some of my favorites to my Sewing Room Organization Board that you can check out HERE.

If you are wanting to put your threads on display, Katie from Craptastic has a super cute tutorial on how to make a thread holder.  

It's simply a decorated piece of wood with nails hammered in to it. 

Sugarbee Crafts took peg board, added a fancy frame, and glued sticks in to the holes so that the thread spools can hang from them. 

What does your thread storage look like right now? Tell us in the comments how you store your thread!




I use plastic containers (art supply) that have removeable containers…two sides and can sort by type and color…i keep one for when sewing at quilt weekends, classes,e tc..has needles, thread, brushes for cleaning machine and machine oil as well



Can you give the part number or a more detailed description of your tool box from Harbor Freight? I’ve been looking for something exactly like this!
Thank you!

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