We Moved!

Moving was something we had thought about for awhile now. As I'm sure you have heard, California is a very expensive state to live in.  We lived in a modest house and did not live beyond our means.  But it was never enough.  We always felt behind and stress was always HIGH when it can to our finances. We had just been waiting for the right timing and the right fit for the family. 

And then COVID hit. My husband is a personal trainer and hockey coach.  So when California went on lockdown, he was out of work. And it hurt.  It became painfully obvious that our situation needed to change and soon!

Arizona was the one state my husband and I could both compromise on. It's only 6 hours from San Diego so we could still do weekend trips and my husband can get his surfing in. Plus we already had friends and family here so we wouldn't be totally alone.  It was a no brainer. 

So here we are! From sandy beaches to...well...just sand. And cacti! 😆 We've been here for a week now and I couldn't be happier!  We are in the Phoenix area in a little suburb called Queen Creek.  I will continue to run the shop out of the home until I can find a space, hopefully, to have the shop and maybe one day welcome visitors. 

We will miss our friends and family back in Cali very much.  We were both born and raised in Cali so leaving our "home" was hard.  But Arizona is already proving to be promising so I'm very much looking forward to what the future holds for us here!

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