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Photo: six-pointed stars made up of multi-colored diamonds on a dark green backgroundList of materials needed
Gazebo Table Topper Pattern - Jaybird QuiltsGazebo Table Topper Pattern - Jaybird Quilts
Seaside Table Runner Pattern - Jaybird QuiltsSeaside Table Runner Pattern - Jaybird Quilts
Sprinkles Baby Quilt Pattern - Jaybird QuiltsSprinkles Baby Quilt Pattern - Jaybird Quilts
Jawbreaker Pillow Pattern - Jaybird QuiltsJawbreaker Pillow Pattern - Jaybird Quilts
Showering Stars Quilt Pattern - Robin PickensShowering Stars Quilt Pattern - Robin Pickens
Jelly Filled Pattern Book - Vanessa GoertzenJelly Filled Pattern Book - Vanessa Goertzen
Ribbon Candy Quilt Pattern - Jaybird QuiltsRibbon Candy Quilt Pattern - Jaybird Quilts
Science Fair Quilt - Jaybird QuiltsScience Fair Quilt - Jaybird Quilts
Radio Way Quilt Pattern - Jaybird QuiltsRadio Way Quilt Pattern - Jaybird Quilts
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Photo: square quilt made up of rows of different length rectangles (red, green, white, gray) with occasional Christmas or winter wordsList of materials needed
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Apple Jack - Basic GreyApple Jack Quilt Pattern - Basic Grey
Apple Jack Quilt Pattern - Basic Grey
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Ring Around the Posies Quilt Pattern - Robin PickensRing Around the Posies Quilt Pattern - Robin Pickens
Linked Quilt Pattern - Charisma HortonLinked Quilt Pattern - Charisma Horton
Hugs and Kisses Quilt Pattern - Jaybird QuiltsHugs and Kisses Quilt Pattern - Jaybird Quilts
Spools 2 Quilt Pattern - Thimble BlossomsSpools 2 Quilt Pattern - Thimble Blossoms
Strip Twist Quilt Pattern - G.E. DesignsStrip Twist Quilt Pattern - G.E. Designs
Fast Forward Quilt Pattern - Jaybird QuiltsFast Forward Quilt Pattern - Jaybird Quilts
Traffic Quilt Pattern - Jaybird QuiltsTraffic Quilt Pattern - Jaybird Quilts
Color Weave - Christa QuiltsColor Weave Quilt Pattern - Christa Quilts
Big Sky StarBig Sky Star Quilt Pattern - Plains and Pine
Ruby Star Society Jelly Rainbow Project SheetRuby Star Society Jelly Rainbow Project Sheet
Zen Cabin Quilt Pattern - Zen ChicZen Cabin Quilt Pattern - Zen Chic
Snack Time Quilt Pattern - Jaybird QuiltsSnack Time Quilt Pattern - Jaybird Quilts