Abandoned by Tim Holtz

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Title page of a city atlas (black on yellow) overlaid with blue and orange blotches, mimicking damage
Provisions Patina - Eclectic Elements - Tim Holtz
An old document with barely legible writing (black on yellow) overlaid with orange and green splotches mimicking damage
Provisions Indigo - Eclectic Elements - Tim Holtz
Old fashioned chart on a moss green background, with darker green and yellow blotches mimicking damage
An old train timetable (black of tan) overlaid with black spots and patterns, mimicking age and damage
An old fashioned document (yellow/tan) overlaid with blue and purple blotches, mimicking damage
intricate pattern of very small old fashioned tile blocks in various shades of gray and white
Provisions Sienna - Eclectic Elements - Tim Holtz
A small damask pattern in gray/blue and cream, overlaid with brown stains and spots mimicking damage

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