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Regions Beyond – Cobwebs Neutral – Tim Holtz
Regions Beyond – Beloved Neutral – Tim Holtz
Regions Beyond – Hocus Pocus Neutral – Tim Holtz
Regions Beyond – Masquerade Multi – Tim Holtz
Regions Beyond – Apothecary Multi – Tim Holtz
Regions Beyond – Alchemy Black – Tim Holtz
Dark orange and very pale orange cats on an orange background
Trick-or-treat scenes (kids in costumes, bats, pumpkin) on a light gray background
Various Halloween icons (ghosts, graves, pumpkins, bats, brooms, witches hats, etc) on an orange background
Candy Please Halloween Countdown PanelCandy Please Halloween Countdown Panel
Spooky Sampler Quilt Pattern - Melissa Mortenson
rows of pumpkins, interspersed with gravestones, on a very pale purple/gray background
black damask pattern on a dark purple background
Teal and very pale teal cats on a dark teal background
Gray bats and crescent moons on a black background
Regions Beyond – Undertaker Neutral – Tim Holtz
Square quilt made up of rows of concentric hexagons in various fabrics white, black, gray, and orange) on a black background, except for one hegagon which is solid white wih the word "Boo" in blackList of materials needed

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