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Square quilt made up of groups of 6 small squares arranged in 2 parallel linesSquare quilt made up of groups of 6 small squares arranged in 2 parallel lines
Set Sail Quilt Pattern - Jaybird QuiltsSet Sail Quilt Pattern - Jaybird Quilts
Quilt made up of 5 rows of 4 open books (each in a different color/fabric) on a white spotted backgroundList of materials needed
Photos of the bag both closed and open, showing a variety of pocketsA list of supplies needed to make the bag
Rock Candy Table Topper - Jaybird QuiltsRock Candy Table Topper - Jaybird Quilts
Photo: two pillows. One pillow has white hexagons with triangles between of various fabrics (blue, green, yellow). The second pillow has hexagons in various fabrics (blue, green, and yellow) with white triangles between.List of materials needed
Interwoven Quilt Pattern - Lo & Behold StitcheryInterwoven Quilt Pattern - Lo & Behold Stitchery
Gazebo Table Topper Pattern - Jaybird QuiltsGazebo Table Topper Pattern - Jaybird Quilts
Photo: six-pointed stars made up of multi-colored diamonds on a dark green backgroundList of materials needed
Jawbreaker Pillow Pattern - Jaybird QuiltsJawbreaker Pillow Pattern - Jaybird Quilts
Lucky Charm Pillow Pattern - Jaybird QuiltsLucky Charm Pillow Pattern - Jaybird Quilts
Running With Scissors Pattern - By AnnieRunning With Scissors Pattern - By Annie
Seaside Table Runner Pattern - Jaybird QuiltsSeaside Table Runner Pattern - Jaybird Quilts
Open Wide 2.0 - By AnnieOpen Wide 2.0 - By Annie
Pine Hollow Patchwork Forest Quilt Pattern - Amy Smart
Project Bags 2.0 - By AnnieProject Bags 2.0 - By Annie
Showering Stars Quilt Pattern - Robin PickensShowering Stars Quilt Pattern - Robin Pickens
Sprinkles Baby Quilt Pattern - Jaybird QuiltsSprinkles Baby Quilt Pattern - Jaybird Quilts
Ultimate Travel Bag 2.0 - By AnnieUltimate Travel Bag 2.0 - By Annie
Take A Stand Pattern - By AnnieTake A Stand Pattern - By Annie
Stereo Quilt Pattern - Jaybird QuiltsStereo Quilt Pattern - Jaybird Quilts
Feathers Quilt Pattern - The Pattern BasketFeathers Quilt Pattern - The Pattern Basket
Photo: quilt with alternating solid triangles and triangle outlines in various colors on a tan backgroundList of materials needed

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