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Square quilt made up of groups of 6 small squares arranged in 2 parallel linesSquare quilt made up of groups of 6 small squares arranged in 2 parallel lines
Set Sail Quilt Pattern - Jaybird QuiltsSet Sail Quilt Pattern - Jaybird Quilts
Quilt made up of 5 rows of 4 open books (each in a different color/fabric) on a white spotted backgroundList of materials needed
Interwoven Quilt Pattern - Lo & Behold StitcheryInterwoven Quilt Pattern - Lo & Behold Stitchery
Photo: six-pointed stars made up of multi-colored diamonds on a dark green backgroundList of materials needed
Pine Hollow Patchwork Forest Quilt Pattern - Amy Smart
Showering Stars Quilt Pattern - Robin PickensShowering Stars Quilt Pattern - Robin Pickens
Feathers Quilt Pattern - The Pattern BasketFeathers Quilt Pattern - The Pattern Basket
Photo: quilt with alternating solid triangles and triangle outlines in various colors on a tan backgroundList of materials needed
Stereo Quilt Pattern - Jaybird QuiltsStereo Quilt Pattern - Jaybird Quilts
Homecoming Quilt Pattern - Lo & Behold StitcheryHomecoming Quilt Pattern - Lo & Behold Stitchery
Cookie Cutter Quilt Pattern - Jaybird QuiltsCookie Cutter Quilt Pattern - Jaybird Quilts
Deco Quilt Pattern - Lo & Behold StitcheryDeco Quilt Pattern - Lo & Behold Stitchery
Splash Quilt Pattern - Jaybird QuiltsSplash Quilt Pattern - Jaybird Quilts
Northern Lights Quilt Pattern - Jaybird QuiltsNorthern Lights Quilt Pattern - Jaybird Quilts
Dinosaurs Quilt Pattern - Elizabeth HartmanDinosaurs Quilt Pattern - Elizabeth Hartman
Glazed Donuts Quilt Pattern - Jaybird QuiltsGlazed Donuts Quilt Pattern - Jaybird Quilts
Little Star Shower - Robin PickensLittle Star Shower - Robin Pickens
Square quilt with rainbow borders at the top and bottom, and three rows of five llamas on a tan background
Spooky Sampler Quilt Pattern - Melissa Mortenson
Lotus Quilt Pattern - Jaybird QuiltsLotus Quilt Pattern - Jaybird Quilts
Nourish: A Lone Star Quilt Pattern - Jaybird QuiltsNourish: A Lone Star Quilt Pattern - Jaybird Quilts
Photo: quilt made of brightly colored diamonds, arranged to look like 3D cubeslist of materials needed

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