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Pacific Wanderings by Mara Penny

Arriving February 2020

Inspired by the magnificent Pacific Ocean and the four lucky states whose coasts kiss her waters – California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington – the rugged beauty of the Pacific region invites us to get outside and seek adventure!

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HomeMade by Tula Pink

Arriving March 2020

The humming of the sewing machine, the repetitive motion of a needle passing between the fibers of cloth, the joy of a fresh rotary blade, the gentle steam of a hot iron, the accomplishment of making something with our own hands, these are the things that bind us together. Sewing is our dessert for the day.

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Stitched by Alison Glass

Arriving April 2020

Alison Glass has become an icon in the modern quilting world.  Her unique designs are super colorful and full of inspiration. Her next collection is called Stitched and it is a ode to sewing with symbols of scissors and other notions.

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