Rise Up from the Craziness of 2020

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I'm pretty sure we can all agree that 2020 was INSANE! It was a year full of non-stop whirlwind craziness.   

I am very much glad that the year is over but I feel we can never forget or let go of the things we have seen, heard, and learned from the past year.  Mask making and wearing was a huge part of all of our lives, and continues to be. With the onset of the vaccines I am finding hope that this pandemic may soon be over and we can get back to normal, whatever the new normal looks like.  

I created this challenge as a way to commemorate the events of the past year and create something new and beautiful out of it.  By using these face covering panels designed by the Ruby Star Society may we begin to Rise Up out of the events of 2020 and start fresh with new perspectives all while sparking those creative currents that flow through us and letting them flourish!

The Prizes

There are two ways to enter this challenge: (1) by making a quilt, or; (2) by making something else that is not a quilt.  Articles submitted for entry into the #RiseUpDesignChallenge will get the chance to win one of the following prizes:

 Quilt Prize

Non-Quilt Prize

  • $100 Gift Certificate to Hummingbird Lane fabrics
  • 5" square bundle from Food Group
  • 10" square bundle from Stay Gold
  • 2.5" strips from Purl
  • $50 Gift Certificate to Hummingbird Lane Fabrics
  • By Annie pattern bundle consisting of 4 patterns


If you would like to enter the challenge, or think you might want to give it a go, scroll to the bottom of this page to enter your name and email address or send an email to customerservice@hummingbirdlanefabrics.com.  

    The Challenge

    Rules (we'll keep it simple):

    Whether you enter the Quilt challenge or the Non-Quilt challenge, you must use one Ruby Star face cover panel in your project. You can use more, but one panel is the minimum requirement.

    View or purchase the panels by clicking HERE

    Each entrant may submit up to two works to Hummingbird Lane; you can enter a quilt and a tote, or two quilts, or two totes, etc.  You get the picture.  😉

    Quilt Challenge:

    For the quilt challenge there are no major specifics other than you must use one complete face covering panel in the challenge, as stated above. You can choose to do a specific quilt pattern, or English Paper Piecing, fussy cutting, applique, whatever your creative heart desires. You do not need to complete the quilt, just a finished quilt top will do.  It does not have to be sandwiched and quilted to be considered for the prize opportunity.

    Finished quilt size: minimum size must be 30" x 40" (baby quilt size).

    Non-Quilt Challenge

    You can make a tote, home decor, clothing, wall art, whatever you choose.  Get creative! Whatever you choose you must use one complete face covering panel. (i.e. the whole panel has to be included in your creation. Example: If you are making a tote, use some of the panel outside, and some on the inside. 


      Items submitted to the challenge will be showcased via Social Media and through the Hummingbird Lane Website for voting.  Depending on how many entrants there are I may add a Semi-Final round and pick the top 5 to be showcased for further voting on Social Media and this website. Voting will close on October 22, 2021. 

      See below for further important dates of the challenge. 

      Voting will be done by your peers and those that visit this website.  In the event of a tie, I will be the tie breaker.  

      Entering the Competition

      Who may enter: 

      All can enter but any non US residents that win will need to pay the postage, customs, and duties for the prize package.  The entries may be the work of more than one person as long as proper credit is given to all involved in the actual completion of the entry. The person entering the project must have been involved in making the item. Limit 2 entries per person or group. 

      How to enter:

      Scroll down to see the entry form.  Simply enter your name and email address to enter the challenge.  Easy peasy.

      Copyright permission: 

      Entry into the challenge automatically grants copyright permission to Hummingbird Lane Fabrics and Ruby Star Society for any images of the entries to be used for publication and in advertising and/or publicity for the challenge, including use on appropriate webpages.

      Official language: 

      The official language of the competition is English. 

      Competition Calendar

      • MARCH 15, 2021 - Enrollment opens
      • MARCH 29, 2021 - Challenge officially begins
      • APRIL 16, 2021 - Last day to enter the Rise Up Challenge
      • SEPTEMBER 29, 2021 - End of Challenge
      • SEPTEMBER 30, 2021 - All entry photos must be submitted to Hummingbird Lane Fabrics
      • OCTOBER 4, 2021 - Voting via website and Social Media begins
      • OCTOBER 10, 2021 - Voting closed
      • OCTOBER 11, 2021 - Winner Announced

      YOUR SUBMISSION of imagery and finished work is your agreement that you will abide by the rules and accept the decisions of Hummingbird Lane Fabrics.