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Unleash Your Creativity with the Stash Buster Box!

Get a monthly box of inspiration to help you use up that fabric stash!

It's the box with a purpose!

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Drowning in fabric and hungry for inspiration?
We've got just the thing to get your creative juices flowing! With our Stash Buster Box, you can kiss those
"I've-got-nothing-to-make" woes goodbye.

What's Included In Each box?

Sewing Notions and Tools

In each box you will get the necessary tools to make the projects for that month. No extra "junk" in these boxes! 

Patterns and Projects

Each box comes with at least 2 projects and/or patterns and all the inspiration you need to use up your stash. 


Each box will come with a prerecorded video tutorial for at least one of the projects to help you through it. 

Why Stash Buster?

 Every month, we send a delightful blend of inspiration and tools to help you dive into that fabric stash. Each box is a treasure trove of sewing goodies waiting to be discovered.

Each box revolves around a fun and unique theme, offering you a smorgasbord of projects to embark on. So, whether you're feeling chic, retro, or whimsical, there's always something exciting to create!

Learn, Create, Celebrate: With detailed instructions and handy tips, even the trickiest projects become a walk in the park. Watch your sewing skills soar as you craft stunning pieces month after month.

Since the purpose of the box is to help you use your stash, no fabric will be shipped with these boxes.
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 Are YOU the Perfect Stitch for Stash Buster?

 If you're a sewing enthusiast who loves hoarding delightful fabrics but finds it a challenge to utilize them all, Stash Buster is your dream come true.

 Reap the Rewards: Minimize waste, maximize savings, and master new techniques!
With Stash Buster, every project is a journey to creating something gorgeous and useful. 

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Don't Have a stash?

 Starting from Scratch?
We've Got You Covered!  No stash?
No problem!
Whether you're new to the world of sewing or just looking to add some fresh picks to your collection, we're here to help you build a fabric stash that'll make any seamstress green with envy.

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