• Busy Fingers in Noon - HomeMade by Tula Pink

Busy Fingers in Noon – HomeMade by Tula Pink

$10.75 per yard

HomeMade by Tula Pink pays tribute to the thing that drives us to create with our hands.

100% cotton, 44/45” wide

Half yard minimum cut.

10.5 yd in stock

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We Are the Makers

Busy Fingers in Noon from HomeMade by Tula Pink

HomeMade by Tula Pink truly warms my heart.   It embodies everything we stand for as makers of great things. Some people look at it as a hobby, I see it as a passion. Sewing provides comfort to the maker and the receiver and there is nothing better than saying “I made that”. Busy Fingers in Noon embodies the true essence of being a maker.

I love the descriptions Tula writes for her designs. Check out this one she wrote for this collection:

The humming of the sewing machine, the repetitive motion of a needle passing between the fibers of cloth, the joy of a fresh rotary blade, the gentle steam of a hot iron, the accomplishment of making something with our own hands, these are the things that bind us together. Sewing is our dessert for the day. We get through our other chores as efficiently as possible in order to cut out just a little time to sew. We dedicate rooms to the craft where we can, if not rooms then drawers and cup-boards. We cover every surface with fabric, notions and thread. We create guilds, communities and industries to support or favorite hobby. HomeMade pays tribute to the thing that drives us to create with our hands. It is about that moment when someone asks you “where did you get that?” and you reply “I made it!”.

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