• Nola Unicorn Collage Pattern - Laura Heine

Nola Unicorn Collage Pattern – Laura Heine

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Pattern includes complete instructions and full sized pattern to complete the 35″ x 47″ collage quilt!

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Use Up Those Scraps

Nola Unicorn Collage Pattern by Laura Heine

Nola Unicorn Collage Pattern from Laura Heine is the perfect way to burn through your fabric stash and get super creative.

Supply List:


  1. 6 x 11 of 10-12 different creams with a slight print or script
  2. 6 x 11 of 3-4 different light pinks with a slight print
  3. 6 x 11 of 2-4 light greens and light blues with a slight print
  4. 6″ squares or scraps of 10-11 different light pinks to creams
  5. 6+ squares of scraps of 6-7 light yellows with a slight print
  6. 6 x 11 of focal print or your favorite fabric for collaged parts of outer border

Underlay fabrics, mane and tail fabrics. These fabrics should all have a slight print to them:

  1. 6 x 11 of 4 different pinks in different values
  2. 2 additional scraps of 6″ squares of additional pink fabrics
  3. 6 x 11 of 5 different medium and dark value purples
  4. 6 x 11 of 7 different green to teal fabrics
  5. 6x 11 of 3 bright yellow to gold fabrics

Additional fabrics for the long sections of the tail and mane

  1. 3 x 22 – 6 x 22 of 5-6 different pinks, yellows, and purples

Cuttable and large scale florals

  1. 1 spiky black flower for the eyelashes
  2. 2 different large-scale florals for the nose and eye
  3. bird and butterfly fabrics for the background
  4. 12 x 11 of 2-3 or more large scale yellow fabrics
  5. 6 x 11 of 7 different floral fabrics in pinks, 2-3 different florals in greens, 2-3 different florals in creams, 2-3 different florals in blues, 2-3 different florals in purples. These florals should coordinate with the underlay fabrics and mane and tail fabrics.
  6. 5 x 11 of 1 fabric for the horn
  7. 8-10 yards or more of 24″ wide Steam a Seam 2
  8. 35 x 47 of Pattern Ease Foundation
  9. Goddess Applique Pressing Sheet
  10. #2 Pencil
  11. Scissors

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