• Warp & Weft Junior Layer Cake Alexia Abegg

Warp & Weft Junior Layer Cake – Alexia Abegg

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The beautifully soft and drapey hand of the woven fabrics from the Warp and Weft Junior Layer Cake by Alexia Abegg will make gorgeous quilts and home decor. Layer cake contains 20 prints from the collection each measuring 10″ x 10″.

Woven Cotton.

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A Woven Collection

Warp & Weft Junior Layer Cake by Alexia Abegg

Warp & Weft is an entirely woven group designed by Alexia Marcelle Abegg to effortlessly mix and match with her previous group Alma and her basic Add It Up. The beautifully soft and drapey hand of these fabrics will make gorgeous garments and quilts, and the heavier Chore Coat fabric (RS4008) is perfect for bags and bottomweight garments. Cross Weave (RS4015) is a lightly textured solid. This Warp & Weft Junior Layer Cake is the perfect way to have a piece of the entire collection.

Alexia Abegg is a designer for the Ruby Star Society.  Alexia’s work is raw and a bit rough; she likes to keep things from becoming too polished. “I’m very interested in makers’ marks,” she explains. “I do a lot of hand-processing; either painting or block printing. I feel like there’s an approachable aspect to it when you can see the artists’ hand in the work; when it’s obvious that someone created it.”

Fabric design seems the perfect outlet for Alexia – a tidy mash-up of her interests in sewing and illustration. But when she talks about her love of the craft and the community surrounding it, there’s a deeper level of appreciation that shines through: “I love that it is really, truly collaborative in almost every sense of that word. Not just with the other designers, but with the people that are buying my fabric… We’re creating the raw material. It is a product, but then it’s ready to take on a new life with whoever uses it.” – Ruby Star Society

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