Be a Superhero - Be a Superhero Brave Panel - Blonde Hair - Blue and Green - Jennifer Long

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From ordinary to extraordinary. That is the story of every superhero! Whether you are a child taking care of a lost cat, a teenager standing up for a friend, a mother reading to her child every night, or a front-line worker helping those in need... each of these people have one thing in common; they are simply a regular person that is putting someone else’s needs ahead of their own. THAT makes you a superhero! It is my dream that these panels will inspire makers to use their sewing talents to lift
others up. Whether it is teaching the next generation through acts of kindness, active role-play that empowers children to see themselves as capable superheroes, to gifting a handmade doll to show gratitude to any-aged superhero in your life! Let the message be heard loud and clear that everyone can “Be A Superhero!”

Don’t forget to complete the set with the matching child’s dress up panel project as well! The complete instructions for this Be A Superhero Doll Panels are a FREE download on the Bee Sew Inspired website.

Panel size is 43 1/2" x 36".

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