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Sew your very own set of rope and fabric coasters with this Mountain Thread Company DIY kit. These coasters are unique, durable, washable, beautiful - and, best of all - made by you! Kits are excellent project starters, and this one is the perfect introduction to sewing coiled rope with detailed instructions and all the materials you'll need.

Each kit contains the following:

Step-by-step instructions for making four 4" coasters

8 yards of 100% cotton rope (our special Mountain Thread Co. braid made right here in North Carolina)

1 heavy duty sewing machine needle

Assorted 100% cotton fabric strips - choose your color from the drop down menu.

In addition to the materials included in the kit, makers will need a sewing machine**, scissors, and all purpose thread.

**Wondering if your sewing machine can do this? If you have hemmed jeans/pants, sewn canvas, or stitched through multiple fabric layers with your machine, the answer is most likely 'yes.' If you've tried to do any of the previous sewing projects and your machine gets cranky and refuses to play, this might be more of a challenge for you. But, since each machine is different this is up to you!

This project is suitable for sewists who are confident in steps like changing the machine needle, adjusting stitch length and width, and pivoting (confident beginner or intermediate level).

The same technique you use for making coasters can be used for making other coiled rope projects - bags, baskets, bowls, trivets, etc! The Rope & Fabric Coaster Kit is meant to be a springboard for sewists who want to add versatility to their repertoire; incidentally, it's a great way to use those favorite bits of fabric left over from other projects!

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Sharon Stablein

I haven’t started this project yet.

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