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Create perfect pieced hexagons with 2; 4; or 6 inch finished centers by squaring up each round of strips as you go with this Hexagon Trim Tool Quilt Ruler by Creative Grids. Since each round is squared up before the next set is added, the blocks created are perfect hexagons. Total Size - 8-1/2in x 9-3/4in. Or use the markings to cut 2 to 8 inch finished hexagons and every even size in between. Note: This tool cuts finished hexagons that measure 8 inches from side to side. From point to point, the cut hexagon is slightly less than 10 inches so they can be cut from 10 inch pre-cuts. Pattern requires inset seams? No problem - use the drilled holes to mark the seam allowance.

Total Size - 8-1/2in x 9-3/4in.

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