Not Alone Star Quilt Pattern - Plains and Pine

SKU: PP003


This design is a variation on the classic Lone Star Quilt, but instead of a single star the Not Alone Star quilt is made up of multiple "lone" star blocks.

Skill Level: Intermediate - This is an Intermediate quilt pattern because it involves accurately cutting and sewing on a bias, sewing with a consistent ¼” throughout, and precision when matching diamond points. 

Includes instructions for six sizes (Wall Hanging, Baby, Lap, Throw, Full, and King).

Wall Hanging (21" x 21")

Baby (42" x 42")

Lap (42" x 63")

Throw (63" x 85")

Full (85" x 106")

King (106" x 106")

The pattern includes a 3 Color Option and Multi-Color Version.

Unlike most Lone Star Quilts, there are no Y seams in this quilt pattern.

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